One Health Concept and Knowledge : One Health Core Competency Domains


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2 lessons
Level : Beginner
วิทยากร : Prof. Nattiya Hirankarn, MD, PhD
วันที่เผยแพร่ : 29/01/2024

At the end of the course, participants should be able to

1.Understand and Apply One Health Core Competencies: Participants will be able to define and understand the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that constitute the core competencies of the One Health approach

2.Collaboration and Partnership: Know the concept of the ability to foster strong interdisciplinary partnerships and collaborate effectively with various stakeholders in the One Health spectrum, to address complex health challenges in a cohesive manner.

3.Communication and Informatics: Learn concepts in utilizing communication and informatics tools effectively to disseminate One Health information clearly and efficiently, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and can contribute knowledgeably.

4.Culture, Beliefs, Values, and Ethics: Equip participants with the cultural competency to understand and respect diverse beliefs and values, enabling them to work ethically and sensitively in diverse environments within the One Health framework.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to

1.Leadership:To conceptualize the distinguishing features of effective leadership in the context of One Health, understanding how leadership styles, ethical considerations, and collaborative strategies contribute to managing health initiatives and influencing change within diverse teams and communities.

2.Management: Understand the core concepts of management within the One Health framework, including the roles of planning, organization, leadership, and control in health-related projects.

3.Policy, Advocacy, and Regulation:Grasp the foundational theories and principles of policy-making processes, advocacy strategies, and regulatory frameworks as they relate to One Health.

4.Systems Thinking:Comprehend the principles of systems thinking and its application in analyzing the interconnectivity within One Health issues, emphasizing holistic problem-solving.